Financial Disability Assistance for Families and Kids

Getting financial assistance can be a roller coaster ride.

Caring for a child with rheumatology issues can be a roller coaster.

Many rheumatology patients will not quality for the assistance listed on this page because it is assessed according to the severity of the case and the child’s condition. If your child has one joint affected you might not qualify. In some cases a health care card will be given by itself.

A health care card and a hospital outpatient prescription will enable you to get a month’s supply of a particular medication for $5.40 through the hospital pharmacy. If your cash flow is an issue this can make a big difference over several months.

Sometimes a condition may be minor at first and then worsen over time. After a while it may become clear that the cost of medications and therapies is stretching your budget. Perhaps your child needs more and more care – that is the thing with rheumatology, it can be a bit of a roller coaster ride.

What is important is that you understand what is available if and when you need it.

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