Carer Adjustment Payment

Depending on the medical condition/diagnosis – another avenue that may be available to families is to apply for the Carer Adjustment Payment. This payment is very hard to get in practice.

It is for:

  • Children 0 – 6.
  • Diagnosed with a severe illness or medical condition.
  • Designed to assist the family in the crisis following diagnosis.
  • Significant care requirements for 2 months following catastrophic event, (i.e. diagnosis)
  • For patients who are eligible for Carer’s Allowance but not eligible for Carer’s Payment.

This payment is similar to Carer Payment in that it is much harder to get, however if there is a very serious diagnosis then families can apply for Carer’s Payment to Centrelink, be turned down, and then apply for Carer Adjustment Payment. This Carer Adjustment Payment would apply to a very small group of  Rheumatology families.

Read more Centrelink information about Carer Adjustment Payment.

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