Our Two Year Old Has Hypermobility and Juvenile Arthritis

From Sharon

My son was diagnosed with hyper mobility of the joints about six months ago after I pushed and pushed for some explanation about his turned in foot.

We finally found ourselves at a Rheumatologist who asked us to come back in six months as the foot should have self corrected.

It hadn’t and our son started to complain about sore legs began refusing to walk. He was in obvious pain.

We went back to the Rheumatologist as I KNEW something wasn’t right (GP told me it was his leg alignment) he was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis three weeks ago.

Since then he has been fitted with second skins from Kids Clinic for the hyper mobility and is now waiting for injections at PMH.

He is two.

I am still coming to terms with this – with the uncertainty of the future and what we will be facing.

Friends and family for the most part have been very supportive. Some have been very insensitive and flippant which has added to the stress.

I also have a four year old who we are trying to shower with as much love and attention as her brother.

I am so glad I found this site and to know we are not alone.

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