What’s Chat Rheum?

I’d like to introduce you to the wonderfully innovative Naomi Creek who has been very busy in the arthritis community for several years.

Naomi has recently launched an exciting new community building initiative. Here’s Naomi to tell you more about it-

Naomi Creek: “I’d like to share some exciting news that I hope you all may benefit from.

I’ve recently launched a project called “Chat Rheum” (a little play on words) using the ‘Meetup Everywhere’ website.

Naomi Creek

Naomi Creek

The idea is to encourage people with arthritis related conditions to meet others in their local area with similar conditions to them.

During my five years leading the Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group (YWASG) in Melbourne, Australia, I have regularly witnessed the benefits of people living with arthritis meeting up with others in a social setting.

I have also had people from all over the globe ask me how to meet others who live with similar conditions (some have even asked for support on how to start their own support group). This is where Chat Rheum comes in!

Setting a Chat Rheum up only takes a few minutes and I have included step by step instructions here at How To Join The Chat Rheum Conversation.

I hope you see the benefits in Chat Rheum and can forward it on to your arthritis community.

My goal is to see hundreds of Chat Rheums all over the world – to get people out of their homes and meeting others so they feel less isolated!

I would really appreciate your support in sharing this with the people you know. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the Facebook page.

Warmest regards
Naomi Creek

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