What To Pack For A Hospital Stay

Hospital beds are bland, BYO cheerful rug.

It is nice to take a cheerful rug for your bed.

Some times the rheumatology team will admit a child to hospital so that they can have access to several therapies. Seeing a child over several days also enables the team to get a better picture of how your child is managing.

Somehow it is always you who ends up having to carry everything back to the car so don’t be conned into taking half the bedroom. There is very little storage at the bedside.

There are only a couple of basics you really need to pack-

  • Casual clothes – undies, track pants, t-shirts, jumper (some kids sleep in casual clothes too)
  • Swimmers (for hydro)
  • Toiletries bag- shampoo, soap, comb, deoderant, toothpaste, toothbrush
  • PJs
  • Thongs
  • Any assignments or work from school.
  • Plastic bags to bring home washing
  • Written list of medications and dosages (these will be supplied by hospital during stay)

There are a few useful things you can add but they aren’t essential-

  • Book/magazines
  • Note book & pen
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers

Morale boosters you might consider-

  • Favourite fridge food – yoghurt, lean cuisine frozen meals, snack/comfort food – have these labelled and put in a paper bag to reduce the chances of theft.
  • Favourite cheerful rug or quilt for bed
  • Favourite pillow case
  • Parent stash – favourite cup, tea bags/coffee and bikkies/fruitcake –
    hide in the back of the wardrobe cupboard for sustenance during visits.
  • Favourite teddy

Luxuries that only a few kids have. These are usually only relevant for older teenagers who are able to look after them. The laptop and mobile phone help them to keep in touch with their friends.

  • *Mobile phone or phone card
  • *ipod and ear plugs
  • Laptop
  • (Cable needs to be checked and approved by PMH safety sticker- staff will advise)
  • Laptop security lead (To lock laptop to bed rail)
    *These will need to stay with your teenager to avoid having them stolen.

Bed photo thanks to bennylin0724 at Flickr Creative Commons.