What is Neurofeedback and How Can It Help Kids In Pain?

I recently spoke to a mother who had a very positive experience with neurofeedback. I was curious about what it was and whether it had any application with kids in pain.

I found this YouTube video in a collection on Technorati called Kids in Pain. It is well worth watching as it explains what neurofeedback is.

At times I have been told that my teenager’s brain gets stuck in pain patterns long after the source of pain has passed.  The pain is very real but there is no organic source like an infection or injury.

I can see that being able to teach the brain to change its patterns might offer some assistance.

I am very cautious about suggesting to my teenager that she try the next therapy or “miracle cure”.  We have tried a lot of different things over the years.

I think kids get really tired of being told something will help and then being disappointed.  In the end they become disinterested and suspicious of “something that might help.”

I guess the next questions are –

Where is the proof that it helps kids in chronic pain?
Is it available locally?
What does it cost?
Would my daughter be interested in trying it out?

I asked our doctor yesterday for his opinion. He said there are a number of therapies that might alter a person’s experience of pain including hypnotherapy.

He made a few good points;

  • What works for one person may not work for another.
  • The age of the child has a lot to do with how well they might respond to a therapy.
  • A new therapy should be explored when the child is in “a good patch” rather than struggling with a crisis.

Do you have experience with neurofeedback?  I would appreciate you taking the time to share what you have learnt.