What A Difference Hydro Makes

Hydrotherapy can ease joint pain and feelings of isolation

Hydrotherapy can ease joint pain and feelings of isolation

I was really surprised we made hydro today.

My daughter has been very low and sore for the last few days.

We found out there was a holiday session on half an hour before it started.

I woke my daughter and told her.  I was sure there was no way she was going anywhere.

Thirty minutes later my grinning teenager was in the pool with her mates having a great time.  I know she was still feeling pretty sore but she got there to see her friends.

Natalie Bennett-Bremner now runs her Kidz Clinic at the Arthritis Foundation.  She is also developing a pool group of teenagers who come at 8.00am on Saturday morning.

We usually make it to the PMH pool on Monday afternoon for hydro as well. These sessions help in several ways.

It is helpful to exercise the joints without putting too much strain on them.  The warm water is soothing to tight muscles.

It is also an opportunity for the kids to see that they are not the only ones dealing with this sort of challenge.

I met some other mothers today and we talked about this website – they were really keen – so here I am getting it started.  Welcome aboard.

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