TMJ – Arthritis and the Jaw

I’ve just published an article by physiotherapist Kerry Read about arthritis in the jaw.

Kerry first responded to Christine’s TMJ story about her daughter in Rachel and Her TMJ Journey.

“Hi Christine,
I stumbled across your post and wondered if your daughter is still having problems? I am a jaw physio and know how difficult these jaw problems can be when you have an inflammatory arthritis. The usual type of physiotherapy approach can often be way too much and actually counter productive.
I am hoping you are getting some good solutions now she must be around 16 yrs old, but just wanted you to know that she is not alone, and she hasn’t exaggerated her pain.”   Kerry Read

I asked Kerry if she would consider sharing some more of her insights with us to help parents learn more about the condition and strategies that can be helpful.

My thanks to Kerry for taking the time to write for us.  Here is her helpful article Arthritis and the Jaw.