The Transition from Adolescent to Adult Health Services

When your child reaches maturity they will “transition” to the adult health system.  This can be a very bumpy ride so I suggest you plan for it.  Ask a lot of questions well in advance.

As much as possible you and your family need to think about future possibilities.  How will you handle a major pain flareup? It can be a shock when people and resources that have been a support base are no longer available.

You might also want to think about information security.  Be aware that files might not be kept at PMH for as long as you think.  If there is important information on PMH records make sure you request a copy through official channels.

Your adult child will then be able to hand on informaton to their new adult specialists about treatments they may have had.

Discuss transition plans with your teenager’s specialist team.  Follow up conversations and make sure you know what is going to happen and when.

What you are trying to avoid is a situation where your adult child needs assistance and the care team you are used to is no longer available.  You don’t want to be trying to access a new resource in the middle of a crisis.

Here is the list of dedicated Pain units in Perth as of March 2012.  If any of this information has changed please let me know so I can update this post for other parents.

Bethesda Hospital
Classification: Tier 1 Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic MPC
Facility Details: Achieve Pain Control Group
Bethesda Hospital
25 Queenslea Drive
Claremont WA 6010
Telephone: 08 4340 6380
Director: Dr John Salmon
Hospital Affiliation: Bethesda Hospital
Services: Outpatients 1:1 consultation
Outpatient Multi-disciplinary
Inpatient consultant service
Pain Management programme
Private Pain Consultation Service

Fremantle Hospital
Classification: Tier 2 Pain Management Service PMS
Facility: Fremantle Hospital Pain Clinic
Alma Street
Fremantle WA 6160
Telephone: 08 9431 2427
Medical Director: Dr Mark Platell
Hospital Affiliation: Fremantle Hospital
Service: Outpatients 1:1 Consultation
Outpatient Multi-disciplinary
Inpatient consultation services
Pain Management programme

Royal Perth Hospital
Classification: Tier 1 Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic MPC
Facility: Royal Perth Hospital
Shenton Park Campus
6 Selby Street
Pain Medicine Centre, Level 2, Q Block
Shenton Park WA 6008
Telephone: 08 9382 7574
Medical Director: Professor S A Schay
Hospital Affiliation: Royal Perth Hospital
Services: Outpatient Multi-disciplinary
Inpatient consultative services
Outpatient 1:1 Consultation
Pain Management Programme.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Classification: Tier 1 Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic MPC
Facility: Western Australian Pain Management Centre
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Hospital Avenue
Nedlands WA 6909
Telephone: 08 9346 3263
Medical Director: Dr Roger Gouke
Hospital Affiliation: Sir Charles Gairdiner Hospital
Services: Outpatients 1:1 Consultation
Outpatient Multi-disciplinary
Inpatient Consultative Services
Pain Management Programme
Private Pain Consultation Service