Still No Progress On Dedicated Pain Unit at PMH – Letter from Philip Aylward

I am publishing a letter from Philip Aylward at PMH (dated 22 May 2012) to parent and PMH Pain Unit Campaign worker Tracie Barker.

It is disappointing that while there seems to be an acceptance that a problem in PMH pain service exists there is no commitment to change.

Right now adults can access dedicated pain units in Western Australia.  This resource is not available for children and teenagers.

Many young people are suffering because they cannot access services they need.

As a parent of a child with chronic pain I have seen the pain services offered to young people at PMH.

These services would be improved by the establishment of a dedicated pain unit headed up a specialist in children’s pain.

The two main benefits would be the higher level of specialist knowledge as well as a co-ordinated approach to supporting children living with pain.

I know this because I have compared what is offered to children in pain at PMH and what is offered to those same young people once they turn 18 and gain access to an adult service.

The pain unit at Fremantle Hospital offers young adults a more efficient, effective and compassion service because it is delivered by a specialist pain team.

This is what is needed at PMH.  For now this is what Mr Aylward is saying to concerned parents.