painHEALTH – The Lastest Information for West Australians Managing A Pain Condition

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Every now and then a really exciting resource pops up and painHEALTH is certainly that.

It was launched yesterday by the Department of Health, Western Australia in collaboration with Curtin University, University of Western Australia and the Musculoskeletal Health Network.

“The aim of the website is to help health consumers with musculoskeletal pain access reliable and usable evidence-informed information and skills to assist in the co-management of their musculoskeletal pain.”

When I read that Dr Stephanie Davies was involved in the project I was even more impressed. I’m a real fan.

Few people realise how lucky we are to have Dr Davies based here in Perth.

She is one of the most innovative people working in the area of pain medicine.

From listening to ABC programmes I have learnt that her research is highly regarded around the world.

So I recommend you visit painHEALTH and find out the very latest about pain management.

Now we just need a proper Pain Unit at PMH. I wonder when that will happen?