The ordinary is the new extraordinary. Have you noticed that the ordinary things that we do are now seen as extraordinary.I am a housewife and everyday I take the steps of becoming extraordinary in doing just ordinary things. Being a housewife I treat each day like I have a spring in my step and I challenge myself to achieve great things by completing the ordinary tasks well. The degree of difficulty I have behind the spring in my step is my twin daughters have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, EDS, so my message to you all know matter how difficult some days get, I challenge you to make your ordinary day EXTRAORDINARY and add a dash of PINK into your world…I have entered the SMITH’S “Do us a flavour” competition here in Australia and I am hoping to become one of the four finalists. My original flavour is PINK Rock Salt. I will keep you all posted. PINK has a lot of meanings to different people, so what does the colour PINK mean to you?