No More Delay For PMH Chronic Pain Service – Let’s Make It Happen Now

Hi Friends and Fellow Campaigners for Improved Pain Services at PMH,

I have good news and an urgent request for your continued support.

PMH have confirmed this to me in an email.

“The WA Government has pledged $600,000 over the next four years to establish a chronic pain service, as part of a multi-million dollar investment in clinical services at PMH. The purpose of the service will be to mange children who have persistent and recurrent pain.

The PMH chonic pain service will be a multidisciplinary outpatient-based service, incorporating medical and allied health as currently supported by available evidence.”Source PMH

This is great news. I wanted to thank you all for your efforts, the emails, the calls, the letters and the encouragement. I know this has really helped our campaign. It has also supported the work of great people inside the health system who have also been working so hard to make things better.

It’s been suggested to me that there is a big question mark about when this new service will actually happen. The implication is that it still might be a long way off. The current gap in service means that many families supporting a child with chronic pain have very little specialist support to rely on.

For all those families let’s all take 5 minutes and send an email to the following people saying – “Great, now exactly when will the new service start and what will it look like?”

The Health Consumers’ Council of WA
The Council helped us last year by raising the issue with the Health Dept. It would be helpful to thank The Council and encourage them to keep up the pressure to make it happen soon.

Honourable Dr Kim D Hames MB BS JP MLA
Deputy Premier; Minister for Health

Mr Phillip Aylward
Adolescent Health Service Chief Executive

You could also send an email to;
– your local member of parliament – CLICK HERE
– or ABC Radio in Perth –CLICK HERE
– or write a letter to The West – CLICK HERE

Your questions might achieve help for families sooner rather than later. It seems so sad that adults can access specialist pain services in Fremantle Hospital and at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and children have no specialist unit at PMH.

I am so grateful for your assistance in fixing that.


Parent Co-ordinator
Phone 0402 068 653