Moving House In The Middle Of A Medical Crisis

Moving house is just the pits isn’t it?   So much of what is familiar and reassuring is temporarily lost.

Relocating the family home is a pretty stressful event for anyone.  If you are also caring for a young person in chronic pain the stress goes off the chart.

My teenager uses a lot of energy just coping.

She is managing not just pain but also various pressures that come with it like fatigue and medication side effects.

She also has had joint flare up in her knees that made walking pretty uncomfortable.

The chaos of moving simply overwhelmed her and made her job of coping more difficult.

Understandably she was pretty angry about her challenging circumstances becoming even worse.

I did try to get her to stay with relatives during the move but that didn’t really work out well.

If you are really battling you don’t want to be away from home and you certainly don’t want to be far from your own family.

So hey we got through it but it was pretty awful.

On the up side we do have central heating which will make it easier to keep our daughter warm.

We are also closer to family which will make drop in social visits easier and that is great for morale.

The new house has a deep bath for long hot soaks in the tub.  It has a sunny deck for soothing cups of tea.  Sometime soon I am sure I will recover.

Maybe you have some tips for me to think about next time.  I’d love to hear from you.