Let’s Open Our Minds To Educational Options

I remember sitting in a cafe with a very stressed out Mum some time ago. She was going crazy trying to keep her child at school in the most trying of circumstances.

I suggested to her that perhaps she should try to get her child a place with Distance Education. “Oh no!” she insisted, “the doctor said I must keep her at school.”

I hear this type of thing all the time and I have mixed feelings about it.

Yes school is the most traditional way to further education and paid work but sometimes we really do forget that it is not the only option.

Teenagers deal with incredible pressure at school. They have their own angst, peer acceptance stress and academic performance to worry about as well.

If you add to that the pain and fatigue of a constantly changing medical condition it can be extremely difficult.

Is it really fair to give parents the brief to keep kids at school no matter what?

Is it fair to give those students the impression that they don’t have other good options?

Students who do Distance Education or Home School or even self directed learning do very well at university because they have learnt to manage their own study.

Places like Canning College offer students with health conditions incredible flexibility in catching up on study and finding paths to further education.

So yes if school works for your child – that’s great. If it doesn’t please remember that there are lots of good options out there.

There are other flexible education options listed on the Helpful People page.

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