Let’s Look At How The Brain Reacts To Pain

Oh I love a good infographic and I just found one that illustrates the difference between acute and chronic pain.

It’s worth checking out How The Brain Reacts To Pain – especially the bottom half that looks at chronic pain.

Over the years I’ve noticed that it can be hard for my daughter to think and learn when she is in pain.  It can also be hard to plan or make decisions.

I remember one occasion when she really needed new shoes.  She had also been in a bad pain flare up for several days.

I thought that it might cheer her up to get her lovely new shoes.  If I’m honest, by that stage I needed cheering up too.

After a few minutes in the shop she started to feel overwhelmed.  She was able to tell me she liked a particular style.

I lined up the two colours they had in her size.

All that she had to do was choose one of the two colours.  Easy – right?

I remember she burst into tears with the effort of trying to make that decision.

She did eventually choose a pair and we bought them and she wore them happily.

That experience did teach me a little about the extent to which chronic pain can interfere with a persons ability to think.

My daughter is usually a decisive person.  She needed and wanted new shoes. However,  the effort of making a decision reduced her to tears.

Now this infographic sets out the side effects one might expect to see in someone with chronic pain.

It is helpful in making sense of these type of experiences.

I’m interested in what you think of  How The Brain Reacts To Pain.


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