“It’s All My Fault” – Stories Parents Tell Themselves

I confess that I once caught myself worrying that my daughter’s condition might have been caused by me eating potato chips during pregnancy. There now I’ve said it. Crazy but true.

I told my mother-in-law this one day and she confessed she worried that it was because of something she may have done.

This got me wondering about whether there were other parents out there thinking similar things.

It seems that our brains want a cause and effect type of reason for why things happen. In the absence of anything factual our brains just seem to make it up.

So now I’ve come clean with my crazy thought – I challenge you to do the same.

What irrational belief have you caught yourself thinking about why your child suffers?

Let’s herd these mad ideas out of our heads out into the internet – where they may comfort and amuse other anxious parents fighting off their own demons.