Here Is A Useful Iphone App For Managing Chronic Pain

It is really difficult to get an accurate picture of your child’s chronic pain.

You have patchy information given by a young person who is sometimes depressed or suffering major fatigue.

Teenagers especially can get angry and moody and reluctant to answer specific questions.

Maybe they think they won’t be believed. Maybe that just don’t want to think about their pain.

It is really difficult to accurately work out what treatments are really helping and remember them next time you hit a flare up.

Memory is also another issue – both the stressed child and the stressed parent may not be able to recall accurate facts about treatments and timeframes.

This means that time with medical specialists is not as valuable as it could be mainly because the information we give is just not accurate enough.

Gianna Gribch has developed a mobile phone application called Chronica to help people with chronic pain accurately record information about their pain and their treatments.

My teenager daughter has asked me to send her a link. I can tell this has sparked some real interest.

If you are interested – here is where you can find out more about Chronica.