Getting Real About The Terrible Things In Life

This morning I found a quote from Mark Twain that really made me smile.

I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Mark Twain

Over the years we have been through some very difficult times watching my daughter suffering joint pain.

None of those times were as frightening as my fears for what might happen next.

Those fears have given me some very dark moments and the odd sleepless night.

I’d encourage you to develop a strategy to keep it real;

    – get clear about known facts of the situation
    – stay in the here and now – one day at a time
    – let go of worries – these things mightn’t happen.

Worry just undermines the quality of our lives. It doesn’t make it easier to cope. It isn’t useful preparation. It’s just our brain making up stories.

It is often the noise of worry that makes me snap at the people I love.

With practice we can choose to switch off worry as we would switch off bad television.

It can be done.

What is your strategy to manage worry?