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Because I Am Imperfect

I love a song by writer Fred Smith that has a chorus line, “because I am imperfect”. * I think those lines help me when I am not always the Mother I want to be. As the Mum of a young person with chronic pain I have times when I am really there as a […]

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The Mother of All Jobs

As mothers we can fall into a pattern of trying to please or appease others. Maybe we learnt this from our mothers. I think this pattern can be especially true for the hard working home based mother. If your child has a complex medical condition your list of people to please might go something like […]

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Caring For A Child With Arthritis

It really doesn’t matter if your child has a concern with one joint, several joints or a mix of symptoms that have you dispatched to a rheumatologist. You find yourself going on a journey with your whole family. Your child may have the diagnosed condition but each person in your household is affected by the […]

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