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OMG thank you OM4

Thank you Glenn of OM4, who is a custom designer of business websites. Today Glenn inspired our group of young people, all with varying degrees of joint problems. He showcased to our our children their employment opportunities in the new online ecomomy. Computers and the world wide web have opened the doors so widely that […]

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Home and Away Dads

How do Dads stay connected and  feel involved when their children are in pain? Each family will have a different approach.  Let me share with you how my Hubby stays connected. Now before I tell you what he does I will describe him.   He is my big strong Italian man with a soft centered […]

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Jolly Good Julia!

From one simple conversation with Julia the first time we met at group physio lessons at Kidz Clinic early 2009, to now, a fully operating website for people with joint pain, who want some relief, by finding out where to go or to listen to others. Before this group session I had not met others […]

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The Mother of All Jobs

As mothers we can fall into a pattern of trying to please or appease others. Maybe we learnt this from our mothers. I think this pattern can be especially true for the hard working home based mother. If your child has a complex medical condition your list of people to please might go something like […]

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